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The Case For The SDP

The Social Democratic Party has as the central pillar of its logo the letter `D’.  This represents democracy. Government of the people by the people etc. This is pivitol to SDP principles and policy.

In a democracy the government is expected to carry out the will of the people. That has probably not happened since the post war Labour government of Clement Atlee.  The referendum has shown that the people want the UK to leave the European Union. Therfore the UK Government must now negotiate this and obtain the best terms for the UK people, regardless of their political party allegiance.

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The British political system is in a mess. Our parliament is no longer representative of the majority of the population of our country.  The British electorate are stuck with political parties who prefer to delegate the responsibility of governance of the British Isles to an undemocratic, unelected third party. The appointed commissioners of The European Union Bureaucracy.  Although there are elections to the European Parliament, the real powers are with the commissioners who are political appointees in which the electorate have no voice.  

On the 23rd June 2016, the people of the UK voted to leave the European Union.

The terms on which the UK exits the European Union is yet to be negotiated.  The party and politicians to negotiate our exit are, or were until recently, vociferously arguing for remaining in the EU.

Even with new party leaders, it is difficult to accept that the current politicians in power can now possibly be unbias.  This cannot be democratic.  A much more democratic process of consultation and agreement throughout the UK is needed for trust in the implementation of Brexit.

Housing in crises:  

The housing and homelessness charity ‘Shelter’, reported crises:


  Visit ‘Shelter’ website >>

‘Sky high rental spots’, more than 30% of dispoable income being spent on renting accomodation in the UK.  This is not leaving sufficient resources to buy other essentials.

  Visit BBC investigation>>

Change and reform in the Government’s housing policy is urgently needed.

NHS/Health in Crises:  

The Nuffield Trust reported:

          for more info  >>  

           for more info  >>

Change and reform in the Government’s health policy is urgently needed.

Business/Industry in crises:


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The UKs crises have potential to quickly become widespread disasters.  We must not allow our politicians to convince us that they can be blamed on either immigration or brexit, as some seek to have us believe.  The people of the UK have voted and given us a fantastic opportunity to implement our own policies and correct the mismanagement of our economy.

UK’s Economic Crises and Brexit

The UK now has many economic and social crises which have developed over recent decades as a result of government policy in the economy.